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What is Silicone Rubber Used For: Application in 5G Smart Device

What is Silicone Rubber Used For: Application in 5G Smart Device

5G Smart Device Market Overview

By doing forecast, the 5G-related electronic chemical and material market is constantly driven by the growth of rising preference for technologically advanced electronics, predicted to grow from USD 48.1 Billion in 2020 to USD 64.3 Billion By 2025. On the one hand, the massive acceptance of silicone rubber material has contributed to the market shifts toward 3C electronic chemicals. The stability, versatility, and flexibility associated with eco-friendly chemical–silicone rubber material have made them acceptable worldwide.

what is silicone rubber used-for-application in 5g smart device

On the other hand, the advance of new technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) has the market potential for photoresist and photoresist ancillaries with various technological advancements. And it is predicted to be the more extensive application of electronic chemicals and materials in the future.

Application of SILICONE RUBBER in 3C Device

3C Cell Rubber Transfer Adhesive

Transfer adhesives such as 2.5D/3D composite board UV transfer adhesives are designed to process the high-frequency molding press of 3C product cells. The silicone rubber adhesive combined use of composite materials and rubber transfer adhesive has significantly improved the delamination resistance, and impact damage tolerance of the cell and intensified the development of a wide variety of 3C cell preformation. The application of silicone rubber to metal adhesive has proven to be particularly beneficial in achieving these improvements. 

Besides, the rubber transfer adhesive with an iron (III) oxide additive is given rubber transfer adhesive a non-flammable nature, which is widely used in anti-explosion film UV transfer of 3C cells.

3C Device Earbuds

The in-ear earbuds are easy to use. But achieving a comfortable fit and proper noise isolation can be tricky sometimes. Most of the issues can be traced down to critical pieces that users mostly overlooked – the ear tips. Silicone rubber materials are one of the most common types of material used for the replacement of mushroom ear tips. The silicone rubber material is transparent and colorless. It is soft, durable, and washable. Plus, silicone rubber material tends to be excellent in yellow stain.

Besides, there is a varying level of quality with silicone rubber ear tips.  Betely is a reliable option for silicone rubber wholesale, as we provide the highest quality silicone rubber materials that possess the aforementioned features necessary  for ear tips manufacture. Notably, Betely’s silicone rubber ear tips have passed ROHS, FDA, and LFGB tests.

3C Electronic Device Protective Shell

With a wide range of silicone cases, the application of silicone rubber material offers its distinctive advantages. The silicone rubber material is highly useful in cases and beyond. Softer and more flexible than other materials, silicone is an outstanding wear-resisting material. What is more, it is also resistant to staining, acid, and alkali. Besides, the soft silicone material provides an excellent and comfortable grip, which can easily be put in and out of your pocket.

As above mentioned about what silicone rubber is used in the 5G smart device; all in all, the silicone rubber material can comprehensively cope with the various technological innovation of the 3C smart device. Optimized for technology, Betely has the capability of advanced silicone rubber supplies. If you want to know more insight about silicone rubber, silver paste, etc., please contact us, and we will send you the best solution based on your specification.